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The mission of the Human Immune Monitoring Core Facility (HIMC) is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the immune status in healthy volunteers and in patients.

HIMC is dedicated to:

  1. To assist investigators with the design of immune monitoring plan for clinical studies and clinical trials.
  2. To assist investigators with the preparation of grant applications.
  3. To provide state of the art immune monitoring assays including extensive cellular and genomic profiling and functional assays.
  4. To develop novel immune monitoring strategies to assess immune status in patients
  5. To assist with data analysis and biomarker discovery.




Human Immune Monitoring Core Facility Equipment

  1. CyTOF2, Mass Cytometer simultaneously resolves multiple parameters with minimal signal overlap, providing unprecedented insights into the functional and phenotypic complexity of biological systems at the single cell level
  2. LSRFortessa BD special order analytical flow cytometer (5 lasers) with high throughput capability (96 well format) to support large clinical study analysis
  3. Luminex 200 System capable of multiplexing up to 41 analytes simultaneously in a single micro titer plate well
  4. QiaSymphony machine for the high throughput (96 samples) automatic nucleic acid isolation
  5. RoboSep for magnetic bead based cell separation/isolation
  6. QiaCube machine for automated nucleic acid isolation
  7. Cryovials shipper in liquid N2 with inner temperature sensor/monitor
  8. Sample bar coding facility for management/tracking via Freezerwork server
  9. Nanodrop 2000 Spectrophotometer (ABI), shared equipment
  10. ELISPOT reader, shared equipment
  11. Coulter Ac-T 5diff Hematology Analyzer, shared equipment
  12. BioTek Synergy Neo HTS Multi-Mode Reader with top dual PMT filter optics with integrated BioStack automated stacker, shared equipment
  13. BioTek 405™ Touch Microplate Washer with 96-tube Dual-Action™ manifold and integrated BioStack automated stacker, shared equipment
  14. Two Tissue culture rooms dedicated for patient sample processing and to perform immune function assays, 2 laminar hoods, 4 tissue culture incubators, centrifuges (two Eppendorf 5425R and 5810R), microscope, water bath
  15. Infrastructure dedicated for Microbiome studies from the sample processing to the library prep.
  16. Infrastructure for bio-banking including sample collection, processing and storage at dedicated -20oC, -80oC and two mobile Liquid nitrogen tanks with temperature monitors

Getting Started

  • Log in with your iLab credentials in the upper right corner and go to the Request Services tab to submit a service request or to the Studies tab to submit a new study or initiate work off of an existing study.

Location and Hours of Operation



Immune Core, 5th floor, Rooms 310/313
Hess Center for Science and Medicine
1470 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10029


CyTOF, 6th floor, Room 204
Hess Center for Science and Medicine
1471 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10029

Monday - Friday  

9am - 5:30pm



Monday - Friday  

9am - 5:30pm

Links and Resources

Meet the Human Immune Monitoring Team

Director | Miriam Merad, MD, PhD

Associate Director | Sacha Gnjatic, PhD

Technology Development Director | Adeeb Rahman, PhD

Facility Director | Seunghee Kim-Schulze, PhD


Research Development | Research Program and Regulatory Team

Manish Kumar Patel, MS, Associate Researcher II

Xiaochen (Ivy) Qin, MS, Associate Researcher I

Hui (Emily) Xie, MS, Associate Research I

Kevin Tuballes, MD, Senior Research Scientist

Mahlet Yishak, MS, Research Associate II

Xinzheng (Victor) Guo, PhD, Asistant Scientist

Laura Walker, BS, Senior Research Associate

Brian Lee, BS, Research Associate II

Jose lacunza, BS, Program Coordinator


Heads of the Disease-Focused Group

Cancer: Sacha Gnjatic, PhD

Allergy: Cecilia Berin, PhD

Pulmonary: Christian Becker, MD, PhD

Microbiota: Jeremiah Faith, PhD 

Publication Acknowledgement 

Credit must be given to Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC) for data that results in a publication. If the work done at HIMC produces data resulting in a figure in a publication, you are required to acknowledge HIMC in the publication. Further, if HIMC staff members provided significant experimental design, data interpretation, or other intellectual contribution (as evaluated by the PI), then it is expected that these individuals will be coauthors on the publication.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Seunghee Kim-Schulze, PhD
Facility Director
Tel: 212-824-9354, 212-824-8430 (#58430) | Fax: 646-537-9577,
Hess 6-103
Miriam Merad, MD, PhD
Hess 5-118
Sacha Gnjatic, PhD
Associate Director
Hess 5-104
Adeeb Rahman, PhD
Technology Development Director
Hess 6-103
Manish Kumar Patel, MS
Research Associate II
Hess 5-313
Hui Xie, MS
Research Associate I
Hess 5-308
Kevin Tuballes, MD
Research Associate II
Hess 5-301
Geoffrey Kelly
Asistant specialist
Hess 6-204
Laura Walker
Senior Research Associate
Hess 6-205
Jose Lacunza
Program Coordinator
Hess 6-200
Brian Lee
Research Associate II
Hess 6-204
Mahlet Yishak
Research Associate II
Hess 5-301
Nicolas Fernandez
Comp Scienctist, Pharmacology
Hess 5-200
Melanie Davila
Associate Comp Scientist
Hess 5-200
Leena Babiker
Research Associate I
Hess 5-308
Shermineh Bradford
Research Associate I
Hess 6-204
Manuel Garcia-Quismondo
Associate Comp Scientist
Hess 5-200
Ying Song
Research Associate I
Hess 5-313
Guray Akturk

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