Microscopy CoRE


Overview of Services

The Microscopy CoRE offers access to high-end instrumentation for light and electron microscopy, as well as to computer workstations for image processing, image deconvolution, and image analysis. CoRE staff scientists provide expertise, hands-on training, and free consultation services in support of studies using fixed and living preparations.  


Getting Started

  • If you are a new user to this CoRE, please fill out the New User Form
  • Please ensure you have funds available for your time on the instruments. Your PI or department administrator can provide you access.
  • Before using any of our confocals, you must complete a “Laser Safety for Researchers” course on PEAK (http://peak.mountsinai.org). Once completed, please save a copy of the Certificate showing completion as a PDF and send it to microscopy (dot) core (at) mssm (dot) edu to have on file prior to your confocal training.


Location and Hours



Hours Open:
24 hour/day, 7 days/week

Hours Staffed (for Assisted sessions and Trainings)
Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

For afterhours access, please speak with CoRE staff for the door code.

Annenberg Building, Room 18-250
1468 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10029


Satellite 1: Hess Building, 6th floor

Satellite 2: Icahn Building, 13th floor


Links and Resources

  1. Microscopy CoRE at Mount Sinai - Find information on our available microscopes, including objective information, laser lines, filter sets, etc. as well as requested citation text for publications. We are required to report use of our instruments to NIH for grant purposes - thank you for your help! Rates for instrument use are also listed for your convenience.
  2. Visit the Customer Help Manual for further guidance using iLab's Core Facility Services. 


Microscopy CoRE Policies

!!! Hazardous tissue and cells must be discussed with CoRE staff ahead of your requested session to ensure the laboratory is properly equipped for your needs and to ensure all instrumentation can be properly decontaminated after your session. No exceptions. !!!

All samples must be completely sealed and the sealant dry, before using any of the microscopes. If sealant is found to be uncured, we will ask that you stop work and return when the slide is completely dry.

No gloves are allowed when operating an instrument. Please remove them before touching a microscope, keyboard or mouse.

All data are to be saved on the Y:\User Data drive of the system being used (identified by the name of the instrument). Data will be erased every 3-4 weeks - please create personal backups OFF of the system of all of your data for that reason.

NO USB DRIVES ARE ALLOWED. Data must be moved via the network; please ask CoRE staff how to accomplish this.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Deanna Benson
Hess 9-114
Nikos Tzavaras
Annenberg 18-250
William Janssen
Senior Scientist
Hess 10-115
Javier Bravo-Cordero
Assistant Professor
Annenberg 24-34
Allison Sowa
Senior Associate Researcher
Hess 10-115
Glenn Doherty
Senior Associate Researcher
Annenberg 18-250
Shilpa Dilip Kumar
Senior Scientist
Annenberg 18-250
Katarzyna Cialowicz
Senior Scientist
Annenberg 18-250